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釣船 むさし丸VI

Boarding fee


Jigging tiplan flight

  • A meeting 
     Throughout the day--- \ 11,000 per (person Up to 7 people)
  • charter
     Up to 7 people \ 77,000  (Please contact us for charter with over 8 people)

Super light jigging flight

  • A meeting
      Throughout the day--- \ 11,000 per person (Up to 8 people)
  • charter
     Up to 8 people \ 88,000 (Please contact us for charter with over 9 people)

*Departure time is different depending on the season and target fish, so please ask at the time of reservation

As for fishing fishing, I will correspond with my father's fishing boat Musashimaru (URL below).

For booth fishing competitions etc in multiplayer, we will respond with 2 boats so please inquire.


  • Please make a reservation by phone.
  • Basically, fishing locus will be in order of reservation.
    (Depending on captain judgment, we may consult with you)

  • Please cooperate with filling in the passenger list
  • Please be sure to wear life jacket
  • Please wear a shoe that is okay with your feet wet
     (Those with non-slip such as spikes are not good)
  • Ice will be prepared free of charge
    Since there is a limit on the amount, please check at reservation
    If you need a large amount, please purchase yourself
  • In addition, please do not hesitate to inquire about the points to worry about, the situation at the time of departure


Introduction of the ship